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In order to be considered for a license in your area ( state or country) you will be required to submit an application at which will include a non-comp agreement It will be reviewed by our advisory board who will decide if your candidacy has merit to issue you a license. Some of the guidelines to be considered will be your ACTUAL experience in the entrepreneurial area with a demonstrated level of performance and activity. Next will be your background and integrity. Finally will be your educational level and literacy to be able to engage in a one on one mentoring program. Public speaking skills will be a key asset and we will also have a phone interview via Skype.
Note. License fees will vary depending on population density and demographic and economic levels in each country Each licensee will have the right to sub-license and renew yearly with reasonable performace levels that will be included in the license agreement.


1) 45% of revenue from your licensed area will go to YOU the licensee. This compensation will be paid monthly to develop the market area. This will involve mentoring, training, and mastermind groups to the benefit of all with localized activities and exposure to the academic chains and industry who may be interested in the pool of entrepreneurial activities (ideas, products and concepts etc) and membership talent.
2) Passive cash flow from monthly/yearly income flow from memberships generated in your licensed area. Per unit cash flow from website sales in YOUR licensed area. (See below# 12 & 13))
3) Prestige/recognition in local market area by being an Executive Director in the licensed area and AFFILIATED with an International Organization.
4) As an Executive Director you will be able to actively participate in IEA policy/marketing strategy via a monthly webinar. You will also have the right to SUB-LICENSE with a 5% override on all activity in your area. As an Executive Director you will be able to pick a charity of your choice in YOUR state or country but it must be approved by IEA .
5) Exposure to academia via your very strong and credible credentials.
6) Radio / TV talk show participation that you will plan in your licensed area to promote IEA and as a result you will generate membership enrollments and build the brand.
7) Networking opportunities through the high schools, junior colleges and universities in your area for guest speaker and panel participation. 8) Potential PRIVATE client development. for coaches and consultants.
9) Local marketing efforts depending on ambition level of licensee. This could include networking groups, Chambers of Commerce and civic organizations tied to an annual “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and banquet with media exposure attended by civic dignitaries and membership based organizations.
10) LinkedIn recognition and membership in IEA group along with monthly worldwide membership webinars featuring famous speakers and guests. (fee based, invitation only and arranged by IEA headquarters)
11) As an Executive Director you will automatically be part of a global chain of like minded Executive Directors and will be included in a FAMOUS50 book series which will include your picture, biography and a two page story about YOU with international distribution
12) Revenue will come from monthly $15 and yearly memberships $150
13) Revenue and cash flow will also come through the IEA website from beginning sales activity of entrepreneur starting kits and information ranging from $10.00 to $100.00
14) As a condition of your license you will be required to;
a) Have and maintain an active (IEA) membership
b) In the North American marketing zone (USA & Canada) you will be required to carry a Legal Shield membership to protect your license agreement and your family from legal issues. This can also be a residual income program to develop additional passive residual income if you want to but is not required as a condition of license issuance.
c) You must provide a valid tax reporting number for tax reporting purposes by IEA. to your state or country in which you reside and reside in the licensed area.
d) You must provide a background check provided by
f) Pay the required one time license fee is in US $ ( see scale of fees as follows.)
Population. Under one (1) million $500
Between one (1) and five (5) million $2000
Between six (6) and ten (10) million $4000
Between eleven (11) and twenty (20) million $8000
Between twenty one (21) and fifty (50) million $16.000
Between fifty one (51) and one hundred (100) million $35.000
Between one hundred and one (101) and (200) million $70.000
Between two hundred and five hundred (500) million $125.000
Between 500 million and up $175.000
Note. The fees will be discussed in detail and under special circumstances provision will be made for the fees to be paid on a timely basis ( terms)

Please direct any enquiries to David Selley at